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The Journey to Freedom

Since 2014, We are the leading racial equity organization in far western North Carolina

About our Branch

Ours is a timeless organization that is ever reminding us all of our humanity. With a goal to erase racism, this organization works to disrupt, challenge and correct the effects of hatred and bigotry based on race. Our Branch of the National Organization for the Advancement of Colored People serves the people of Jackson, Swain and Macon counties with services for people in Clay, Cherokee and Graham counties.

Branch Officers

President - LaShonda L. Eaddy, Ph.D.
1st Vice President - Amy McKenzie
2nd Vice President - Marti Newbold
Secretary - Michelle Cooper, Ph.D.
Assistant Secretary - Enrique Gomez, Ph.D.
Treasurer - Carol Hogue, Ph.D.

Committee Leadership
Communications and Publicity (interim) Chair - Marti Newbold
Community Coordination Committee (interim) Chair - LaShonda L. Eaddy
Education Committee
 Chair - Vacant
Health & Wellness Committee Chair: Judy Seago
Legal Redress Chair - Louis Lynn Hogue, JD
Political Action Chair - Chris Taber
Religious Affairs Chair - John Reid
At-Large Director - Kathleen Brennan, Ph.D.
At-Large Director - Dan Kowal


The Hard Truth


Excess African American Death in WNC (2010-2014)


Drop in investment in K-12 education (2002-2017)


Children in Macon County experiencing hunger

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